William Griffiths

William's practice straddles two worlds: photography and painting. His inspiration, consciously or subconsciously, comes from the environment, and the allure found within. He is intrigued by the beauty in the natural world (landscapes, trees, rocks), as well as the beauty in man’s manufactured masses (metal, deteriorating structures, forgotten dwellings) He photographs overlooked objects, and uses them as inspiration for abstract work. He strives to recreate the moment, and express what he sees.
He searches for unorthodox materials, and experiments with different mediums to emulate the surfaces he sees. He's constantly challenging himself and inventing new ways to relate what he sees. He searches for methods outside the norm to express himself. Taking the medium into unfamiliar practices, he pushes it to create a new language for itself. Colour, texture and depth are the tools he uses to bridge unconventional and traditional acts of painting. By merging abstract and representational methods, he works to create mood and beauty through transformation, similar to nature’s regeneration and structural decay. Leaving himself open to chance and mistakes gives way to new ideas, and this creative process is most important to him, regardless of the work’s final outcome.